Escada Perfume

ESCADA was launched in 1976 by creators Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley and rapidly proven itself as a worldwide participant inside the vogue business. ESCADA symbolizes modern style, cool allure and sensuality.

ESCADA perfume get a similar ethos of deluxe elegance and joyful escapism as the clothing collections. The product range consists of a number of enduring classics together with the pioneering and ever-popular summer season limited versions.

ESCADA perfume came into the fragrance business in 1990 using the foundation of ESCADA Beaute in select department shops and perfumery outlets. More collections followed from the new Millennium such as footwear, hand bags and lingerie.

Particularly Escada Eau de Parfum is the newest long term addition to the company’s collection of traditional woman perfumes. Introduced in August 2011 and including supermodel Bar Refaeli as the face in the campaign, this luxury and elegant new unique fragrance beautifully reflects the nature of today’s joyful, impulsive and attractive ESCADA woman.

The yearly limited summer season version started in 1993 when ESCADA launched Chiffon Sorbet, a limited edition perfume for ladies influenced by the company’s spring / summer vogue series. By doing this, the company developed the idea of seasonal limited versions and proven what’s grow to be one of the most effective perfume collections inside the worldwide perfumery business, along with kick-starting a pattern which has been cloned by the majority of the world’s most famous fashion and perfume houses.

Now in its twentieth year, the attractive capability from the ESCADA Style Perfume scents, to eclipse daily burdens and invoke desires for care free sun-kissed holiday seasons, helps guarantee a huge group of followers who excitedly await every yearly release. ESCADA label means excellent top quality and outstanding focus on detail.